Modified Capezio Reel Shoe

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By popular demand we stock this modified Capezio split-sole Jazz shoe. Although not originally intended for Irish Dance, advanced dancers have created a demand for this adapted shoe because it's extreme softness and flexibilty allows dancers to create a clear point. The sole is spineless and therefore offers very little protection to the foot and is not recommended for very young dancers or beginners because of the increased risk of injury - we advise these dancers to instead consider the traditional boys reel shoe which offers much greater levels of support and durability. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OFFERED BY ORIEL IRISH DANCE SUPPLIES OR BY THE MANUFACTURER ON THIS PRODUCT.  This shoe has been adapted for Irish dancing by adding a heel and as such has not been designed with the rigours of Irish dancing in mind. CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASE AND/OR USE THESE SHOES, DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK.

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