Hullachan 'Red' Pro3 Pumps

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Hullachan 'Red' Pro3 Pumps.........Reduced Price!

The H3 from Hullachan Pro is part of the Hullachan Red range, designed from the ground up to protect and enhance a dancer's performance, taking into account the demands of today's Irish dancing.

  • 4mm higher at the back and deeper heel seat - for a secure fit around the heel.
  • New lacing system (Registered Design) for enhanced arch definition and arch support.
  • Clever Insoles - protects & cushions with dual layer insole at the toe and heel
  • Softer leather uppers - slight give in the leather for a great fit without overstretching
  • Seam free front - prevents friction damage
  • 15 grams lighter than Hullachan originals (H1)

Hullachan Pro has earned a reputation for working hard to maintain the health of dancer's feet and the H3 has an innovative new lacing system designed to offer unrivalled levels of arch support while still offering dancers a beautiful arch profile.  

Hullachan have introduced a secondary eyelet closer to the arch of the foot. This allows dancers to use the laces to pull the arch of the pump up so it fits snugly and securely under their own arch. This allows the pump to support the dancer's arch as well as showcasing the arch of the dancer by keeping the arch of the shoe close to the dancer's foot. So even if you have high arches you will get the support you need!

A major advantage of the secondary eyelet is that it allows the dancer to tie the pumps like a normal pair of shoes without circling the laces around the arch which can be a bad idea in terms of foot health,

The H3 are also fitted with 'Clever Insoles'. These are made from a combination of materials new to Irish dance which protect and cushion feet and joints - a real improvement over other insoles currently available on the market. The insole is covered in a 'wick-away' Camberelle lining reducing the risk of the poron cracking or tearing due to age.

The pump is made from a softer leather than the original Hullachans to allow for a slight stretch for an improved fit and has been finished with a red suede lining for a touch of elegance.

Even with all these added features these pumps are even lighter than before.

Sizing information:

As a result of feedback from dancers already wearing the H3 we would recommend dancers order half a size SMALLER than their normal Hullachan size as the H3 is made from a much softer leather and will stretch much faster. Order your normal shoe size if you prefer a looser fit.

Standard Hullachan Size Guide:

Use this size chart to determine your Hullachan average size and then adjust it if you prefer a tight fit (perhaps try half a size down) or a more generous fit (half a size up).


Hullachan 3 Size

Foot Measurement

10 171
10.5 175
11 186
11.5 189
12 192
12.5 196
13 202
13.5 206
1 209
1.5 214
2 218
2.5 221
3 225
3.5 229
4 231
4.5 233
5 238
5.5 245
6 249
6.5 254
7 257
7.5 261
8 267



Video – how to lace your Pro3 pumps, go to:


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