Ouch Pouch Jnr. Toe Protectors

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21.50 / pair(s)
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Delivery weight: 70 g


  • Crescent-shaped, reversible toe pad with less padding under the metatarsal (ball of foot) area
  • A thin layer of gel material inside two pieces of fabric creates a comfortable pouch wihich cushion-covers the toe and bunion areas only.
  • Very neat with a deep-cut vamp similar to line of pump shoes and a sleek shape which hugs the foot and prevents pads from sliding or bunching
  • Special gel formulation helps prevent 'wear spots'.

Sizing: Small fits UK sizes 12-4, Large fits UK sizes 5-8 (2 per package)

Care: Hand wash with mild detergent & allow to air dry completely

Please note - if you want to also protect the ball of the foot - consider the normal Ouch Pouch

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